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XINDE MARINE SERVICE CO.,LTD was founded in 2004, It is a larger marine service private company in north of china.

This company is mainly engaged in the ships radio/navigation, the electricity navigation, the ships local area network, satellite datum services, VDR/SVDR, approved radio survey, communications system’s sale, development, installment, debugging, maintenance, and so on. The company also has branch in Guangzhou (South of China),so we can offer service all over of China area.

The company keeps enough spare parts for service purpose, and also keeps closely relationship with many famous manufactory, thus to assure the highest success of service. With highest responsibility and abundant professional skills, as well as obtains the good praise from all customers, also obtained good approval from many equipment factory.

XINDE MARINE may gains the factory support includes: FURUNO, TKC, JRC, YOKOGAWA, T&T, NERA, KH, CONSILIUM, ANSCHUTZ etc. XINDE MARINE also holds the topest skills in the service field of ship satellite datum communication, we service to many ships for satellite terminal/email system, such as INM-B/INM-F/FBB/AMOS EMAIL system, we keep close and good relationship  with several famous satellite system operator and become the service agent of them, such as STRATOS, FRANCETELCOM.

XINDE MARINE already obtained the ISO9001:2000 quality certificate from CSQA, and also obtained the safety radio survey and EPIRB survey and VDRS survey from many famous class societies such as ABS, CCS, GL, LR, NKK etc,and we offer such SR/VDR survey for over 300 vessels already.

XINDE MARINE rather regards the personal skill training, except participating the periodical training from manufactory, XINDE MARINE also keep the same level to update the newest information and skills from manufactory for new equipment, the company already obtained the approval of VDRS installation & commissioning test and VDRS survey from many famous manufactory such as FURUNO, CONSILIUM, JRC, RUTTER, SEALANTERN, HIGHLANER etc.

With over 10 years rich engineering service experience and enough skills training, the company already obtained the good praise from many famous owners such as COSCO Container Lines Co., Ltd., Nanjing Tanker Corporation, subsidiary of China Changjiang National Shipping (Group) Corporation.

XINDE MARINE assure to offer the best service in the fields of marine communication and navigation system.


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